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Hi everybody, Ollie here. Given recent copyright shenanegans, I have made the difficult decision to take down the public-facing papers archive webpage. I will do my best to enable the distribution of valuable resources to students, but unfortunately I've decided that I don't have the energy or time to fight copyright issues.

Keep an eye on the "WACE Dungeon" Discord, where you may be able to find useful resources. Also, check out the code for this webpage!

As usual, best of luck with exams everybody. The fact that you're even here is a testament to your dedication to excellence and you should be proud of yourself, no matter how the numbers end up.

Credit to Peter Tanner for his work in compiling the original WACE ATAR archive. This site is intended to make the papers he found easier to access and download.

Not enough questions? I discuss my preferred resources for studying here.

Good luck to all students! You got this 💕

Warning: papers prior to 2016 follow a different syllabus. It is recommended to approach these papers with caution. Stage 3 papers reflect a difficulty similar to current WACE.
Source code for this website: GitHub
Source code for Peter's WACE Exam Archive: GitHub